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 ★ ★ ★ ★    Scanalyzer Pro - 2012 Readers' Choice Award Winner!

3000 cities around the globe and counting...

Input Device

Scanalyzer can be used as a traditional programmable barcode scanner for entering data into your computer.

Get a basic listener for Mac OS or Microsoft Windows here.

Scanalyzer uses XML RPC to communicate over port 8000, so building your own custom listener is easy.

Data Acquisition

Data drives today's businesses.

By collecting location, user, and timestamp data with each scan you can do anything from tracking assets to mapping scientific data.

Get started with Scanalyzer and use that data to drive your business forward and get an edge on the competition.
Developer Integration

It's never been easier to integrate barcode scanning into your app or website.

Imagine what you can with a barcode scanner in your app or website.  Will it be the next viral game or hot business app?

Call upon the powers of Scanalyzer from your project using the URL scanalyzer://