L a w   E n f o r c e m e n t   a n d   F o r e n s i c s

The law enforcement community often has special requirements when handling evidence and documenting a crime.  Fortunately, Scanalyzer can help properly track chain of custody, crime scene points of interest, three-dimensional bullet trajectories and more.

Check-in, check-out

We provide the customers with the capability of checking equipment and evidence in and out, using GPS to track location, tagging user identifiers of both the recipient and the presenter, even the specific device used to record the transaction.  This results in a database that allows for tracking evidence location and responsible party in parallel.

Latitude, Longitude, Altitude

We can mark and annotate locations with GPS accuracy.  This is ideal for recording marker or witness locations at a crime scene, documenting officer locations, or processing identification at a checkpoint.  Because we know the altitude of the scanner, we can provide an extra dimension to forensic scientists that can make the difference when solving a crime.

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