Partner Program

We're helping consultants around the world stimulate their local economies and build customer relationships through our Partner Program.  As a registered member of the program you'll receive a 50% discount off of our Quick Configuration Codes when purchased on behalf of a customer.  We will also provide you with additional technical support and connections to signage providers that will help you create a polished and professional experience.

Hook up your local museum or tourist trap!  We'll give you the codes at half price and you'll manage the customer relationship.  Whether you want to resell the codes at full cost, bundle them along with services you will provide, or just give them away, Scanalyzer's Partner Program is your ticket to a better business and a better community.

For more details contact us here.


Interested in joining us at Scanalyzer?  Right, why else would you be reading this.

We're not hiring just yet, but here are some positions we're looking to create:
  • Marketeer
  • Salesperson
  • Systems Integrator
  • iOS Software Developer
  • Android Software Developer
  • Web Developer
It never hurts to send us your resume.


Don't let all the red fool you.  Less than a year after our first app we're in the green and looking for investors to help us launch some of our more ambitious projects.  Angels, VCs, and institutional investors interested in participating in our first round of fundraising, please contact us to set up a meeting.