T e r m s   o f   S e r v i c e   a n d   D i s c l a i m e r s

Scanalyzer uses both software libraries that are open and closed source.  Whenever they have been used their original copyright and licensing notices have been left in place and can also be found in the links that follow.  In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, ZBar has been instrumental in providing a scanning engine ("licensed under the GNU LGPL 2.1 to enable development of both open source and commercial projects") and Eric Czarny's Cocoa XML-RPC Framework ("distributed under the MIT License").  The sources for both are available for download at the linked locations.  This work would not have been possible without the contributions of the aforementioned developers.  Thanks.

US EXPORT DECLARATION:  Scanalyzer uses cryptographic libraries in order to verify the authenticity of certain data.  The encryption functionality is limited to intellectual property or copyright protection functions and is therefore not subject to export control under Category 5, Part 2 of the Commerce Control List of the Export Administration Regulations maintained by the Bureau of Industry and Security of the US Department of Commerce.

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER:  All flavors of Scanalyzer and QRSpec are home-grown software, provided as-is, and come with no warranty, not even an implied warranty and you use it at your own risk. Scan data is sent to the server unencrypted and could be intercepted.  The desktop software will take input from any source while it is on, so turn it off when your not using it and/or use firewalls to prevent unauthorized use.  QRSpec sends data to remote 3rd party servers, so don't run it without consent.  By using any part of this software, you agree to hold harmless anyone and everyone except yourself.  You have been warned.

PRIVACY:  Scanalyzer is a platform for content delivery and data acquisition.  When configured by a third party it is capable of transmitting personally identifiable data, such as your device UUID, your location, or other information to which you have given Scanalyzer access.  This information is collected by reputable organizations who have signed an agreement to keep user data private and confidential and notify users if their information has been compromised.  We take precautions to guarantee the authenticity of codes that can configure Scanalyzer, but it is possible that a party with other intentions can post a code to capture your data, so please be mindful of how you us it.