P a r t n e r   P r o g r a m

As our customer base has grown to circle the globe, we have established a network of highly reputable and capable partners that help our customers take full advantage of what Scanalyzer has to offer.

How It Works

Those interested in applying for the Scanalyzer Partner Program need to fill out this application.  If your application is approved, you will be granted 90 days of exclusive access to the program for your region.  Make a sale and the clock resets granting you additional time in the program.

Members are expected to find, engage and manage the relationship with customers in their region.  We license Scanalyzer for Enterprise by the number of usage tracks the customer needs, each of which will use a Quick Configuration Code.  These codes allow Scanalyzer or Scanalyzer Pro to be quickly configured for a given task.

Revenue Split
When a partner makes a sale, they keep 30% of the revenue from the license deal.*  The partner may bill the customer as they normally would for time and materials consumed as part of the implementation.

A maintenance plan, available for 10% of the original engagement, including both the license and any additional charges, covers any changes or alterations on the account.  The partner retains 70% of annual maintenance plan revenue in exchange for providing the customer with technical support and replacement codes free of charge, but may also bill the customer for work that deviates from the original configuration retaining 100% of that revenue.

Partners who have not generated a sale in 90 days are subject to removal from the program and revocation of all benefits.  A partner may also be removed from the program if we determine it is failing to fulfill it's obligations under a maintenance agreement or it's relationship is detrimental to our product or business.  Members may withdraw voluntarily from the program at any time by emailing their request to scanalyzer@mcdanielar.com.

* Purchases made through Apple's iTunes App Store or Volume Purchase Programs are not eligible for the partner program.

This chart shows the  total revenue split between Scanalyzer and its partner on a theoretical deal worth $12,000.00, where the license fee is $10,000 and the partner bills $2,000 in other charges.  As time progresses, the partner's share of the proceeds overtakes Scanalyzer's share.


Members of the program enjoy:
  • 30% of Initial Licensing of Scanalyzer for Enterprises *
  • 70% of Annual Maintenance Revenue
  • Exclusive Access to the Program for their Geographic Region
  • A business listing on our partners page, which may include a logo, link and brief description.
  • Advertising on our social media channels.
  • Access to restricted content reserved for Partners.
  • Free technical support for all Scanalyzer projects.