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iPhone 4 using Scanalyzer to read QRCode and Code 39 barcodes.

Scanalyzer isn't just for business, it's a great app for everyday people.  Barcodes are everywhere nowadays and a growing number of businesses, from tourist attractions to retail stores, are turning to 
Scanalyzer to provide visitors with product and exhibit information.

At Home

Here are some ideas for using 
to make life better at home:
  • Take a home inventory for insurance purposes.
  • Build a library of your books, games, CD's or DVD's.
  • Read and input long, small or obscured serial numbers and model numbers quickly and accurately.
  • Place QRCodes instead of gift tags on presents for an added element of mystery.

While Shopping
Tour Sign

A growing number of today's stores are providing customers with product information, special discounts, and customer reviews from users like you.  Why turn to reviews from an online retailer when you can see what your neighbors and friends have to say about that toy or appliance.  Using their app isn't going to get you a discount at the register either, but outlets that use 
, can give you all that and more.

If you prefer product information from a website that doesn't have an app, 
Scanalyzer may be able to help you connect to the pricing and reviews you know and love.  Just look for a Quick Configuration Code on their website or enter a search URL into 
Scanalyzer Pro and start scanning.

During Travel and Recreation

The next time you visit a museum, gallery, or golf course, ask them if they're using 
.  If they are, you're just a couple scans away from an immersive and engaging experience.  Getting fascinating details about artwork without crowding the gallery, finding the right club for the 8th hole on the back 9, or listening to or watching a virtual tour are just some of the interesting things you may encounter.

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