O u r   P h i l o s o p h y

It's simple.  We create software that:
    • Simplifies Work
    • Enriches Life
    • Drives Innovation and
    • Exceeds Expectations


Scanalyzer creates opportunities to untether and streamline your life by putting a barcode scanner and database in your pocket - and making it possible to use a single barcode for multiple purposes.


We make it possible to look at things in different ways through a single barcode, because life has dimension and one label is enough.  Our software can respond intelligently to deliver the information a user wants, like text, audio, or video for visitors or maintenance and inventory records for employees.


Scanalyzer has established the foundation for a new class of web applications and database servers that can use mobile devices for both input and output by embedding a barcode scanner directly into a web page.

We also provide a means for collecting GPS and other sensor data and shunting it directly to a variety of destinations, creating opportunities for geospatial web app development.