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Scanalyzer Named
Reader Choice Top 100 Product of 2012
District Administration Magazine

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"This wireless, location-aware, programmable barcode scanner for smartphones and mobile devices became a worldwide phenomenon from the start. For education, the Scanalyzer App can help take attendance by scanning IDs, can pinpoint and record details of anything that takes place on a school campus, aid in library and asset management and can make clerical work more efficient."

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Scanalyzer Named a District Administration Magazine
2012 Readers’ Choice Top 100 Product

This year DA readers nominated a record number of products that have made a positive difference in their school districts.

Stockton, CA – December 1, 2012 — Scanalyzer, a mobile application developed by Stockton native, Dan McDaniel, Jr., has been selected as a 2012 District Administration Readers’ Choice Top 100 Product. With more than 1,000 nominations this  year, a new record, the winners were selected by the editors of District Administration and were based upon both the quantity of nominations and the quality of reader descriptions. The complete list of winners have been announced online and in the December issue of District Administration magazine.

Upon learning of the award, Dan McDaniel, himself both a parent and school district staff member, said, “Thank you for this great honor.” adding, “No award could be greater than to know that Scanalyzer is helping improve the quality of our children’s education.”

The annual District Administration Readers’ Choice Top 100 Products award recognizes leaders in the education industry, and provides superintendents and other senior school district leaders with the unique opportunity to learn what products their colleagues around the country are using, and how these products contribute to the success of their districts.

“The record number of nominations we received this year was astonishing,” says District Administration’s executive editor, Odvard Egil Dyrli. “There were so many excellent recommendations from school administrators who shared how the products made significant differences in their districts, and choosing the Top 100 proved to be challenging and difficult. We are delighted to announce the honorees for 2012 and trust that the list will be a valuable resource for our readers.”

About Scanalyzer
Scanalyzer is a mobile application that runs on Apple’s popular iOS devices.  Scanalyzer reads barcodes and can send them to a computer, network, or cloud service, along with the date, time, or location of the scanned item.  Based on the information provided, it can also respond with relevant content, such as student data or service records, providing a way to both read and interact with stored information.  These features make Scanalyzer an ideal solution for a variety of business needs, from maintenance and inventory to multilingual audio tours.  For more on Scanalyzer, please visit http://bit.ly/scanalyzer.

About District Administration

District Administration is the leading provider of smart management solutions for K12 administrators at school districts throughout the United States, and is the most-closely followed and most-widely read information source in the industry, bringing top-quality journalism to the unique issues, challenges and opportunities faced by K12 district executives. For more information, visit www.DistrictAdministration.com.

Preserving the Southern Pomo Language

Southern Pomo is a Native American language that has just one native speaker left on earth.  It stood to literally pass away unless it was preserved and passed down to modern descendants of the tribe that calls the Russian River Valley home.

In 2011, the tribe hired renown linguist Neil Alexander Walker to begin the painstaking and seemingly impossible process of documenting the language and worked tirelessly to raise interest in their community, but they needed a way to integrate the knowledge they had acquired of their language into the tech savvy lifestyle of their contemporaries so they hired us to write an app.

Together, we wrote Southern Pomo Alphabet, which demonstrates proper pronunciation of each letter in the languages alphabet in the context of a word commonly used by the native people.  Each spoken word is accompanied by a picture and was recorded using state-of-the-art equipment and software under the direction of the linguist to ensure that the language is properly represented and preserved.

When students came to the first of several classes to revitalize the language they were presented with the app and were instantly both engaged and empowered.  Today the classes continue and several tribal members are able to speak the language of their ancestors, and those words that are in the app are featured in a coloring book so their children can learn, too.  They even use Scanalyzer to scan worksheets with common phrases to kickstart social interaction with an emphasis on preserving native ways.

The tribe also conferenced us in to help create signs that dot the landscape and teach visitors the native words for a variety of things they may encounter while in the area.  Scanning the barcodes on these signs allows the guest to hear the words pronounced by a tribal member.

We are proud to report that we maintain our relationship with the tribe and actively participate in their language preservation and toursim programs and thank them sincerely for their business and allowing us to make this journey with them.

Visit their website here.

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Quick Facts

Used in all 50 states, and in 2998 cities and 133 countries around the globe; we've even grabbed the attention of the United Nations.

Top-tier universities from the University of California to Yale use Scanalyzer.

We give non-profits, schools and businesses in depressed economies free or discounted software and services because we believe our software can help everyone.

Major Fortune 500 companies like LG and American Electric Power put Scanalyzer to work for their businesses and so can you.

Our company is proudly family owned and operated.

Government agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency are using Scanalyzer to do things like protect our natural resources and make our world a better place.

Scanalyzer was created to simplify inventory and asset management for schools and quickly grew to do much more.

Scanalyzer doesn't automatically send back data to us like some of our competitors, so you're network stays fast and your usage stays private.