Introducing Quick Configuration Codes for Scanalyzer.

Just like the name says, Quick Configuration Codes (Quick Codes™ for short) allow you quickly configure Scanalyzer for a given task.  We have an example on our Scan to Cloud page that you can try out, just make sure you're using Scanalyzer Pro v1.3.0 or later.  Support for the free version of Scanalyzer will be released shortly.  Here are a few scenarios that might give you some ideas:
  • Post a Quick Code at your entrance to give your customers special information when they scan your merchandise.
  • Publish a Quick Code for volunteers in your political campaign to use to collect data.
  • Include a Quick Code that customers can use to quickly check the warranty status of their products.
  • Publish a Quick Code on your website to allow users to perform instant searches when they scan a barcode.
  • Use a Quick Code to collect data for a research project.
This is the beginning of a new era in data acquisition and delivery and we are happy to be your pioneering partners.  Please contact us for more information on how to get started using Quick Configuration Codes for Scanalyzer.  Welcome to the future.