Computer Inventory with Scanalyzer and QRSpec

About QRSpecQRSpec Template
QRSpec is a program that runs on your Mac or PC and displays a QRCode containing system information.  When scanned, these codes stream that system information into a spreadsheet ordatabase on a computer or website.  Whether quickly documenting a system configuration or taking a detailed inventory of all your computer assets, QRSpec is a fast and effective way to get the job done.

Scanalyzer can aggregate GPS location data and a timestamp so you won't need to worry about writing down that location information anymore or worry about how old that piece of paper on you desk is.  We can also send back a unique identifier to keep track of who scanned what.  Because all of this data is sent to a common repository in real time, there's no need for combining lists no matter how many people you have doing the work.

What's more, you could integrate QRSpec and Scanalyzer into your normal maintenance and asset management routines so your inventory is virtually always up to date.


Here's a simple step by step to get started using QRSpec:
  1. Download Scanalyzer or Scanalyzer Pro to your mobile device.
  2. Download the Scanalyzer Desktop and QRSpec software for your computer.
  3. Launch the Scanalyzer Desktop software and take note of the IP Address it lists.
  4. Launch Scanalyzer or Scanalyzer Pro on your mobile device and configure it with the IP Address from the Desktop Software.
  5. Launch the QRSpec software on your computer and position the barcode somewhere it will be visible but out of the way.
  6. Open a spreadsheet or text document on your computer and position the cursor where you want the scanned data to appear.
  7. Scan the template barcode on this page to fill in your headers.
  8. Scan the barcode generated by QRSpec and watch the information stream in.