Sample Quick Configuration Code
Our Quick Configuration Codes (QCCs) let you quickly configure Scanalyzer or Scanalyzer Pro for a variety of tasks.  Designed as a way to facilitate uniform content delivery and data acquisition, these codes are vital for large organizations where many users or visitors are involved.

How It Works

Figure out how you want Scanalyzer to work and we'll make a code to match.  You can even display a custom welcome message to patrons or employees.  When scanned, Scanalyzer will acknowledge that a Quick Configuration Code has been scanned, validate it and configure itself as instructed.

Quick Configuration Codes program the scanner with parameters like:
  • What to bundle with the scanned data (GPS, timestamp, device ID, etc...)
  • What format it should have
  • Where to send those data.
They also specify the level of automation to be used, such as automatically following a hyperlink after receiving a scan and whether to use an internal or external web browser when doing so.  


    • Education
    • Politics
    • Retail
    • Tourism
    • Sports and Recreation