T u r n k e y   S o l u t i o n s

Sometimes we just want things done for us, and for those times we offer turnkey solutions that include everything you need to start putting Scanalyzer to work for you.  Choose from any of the following services:
  • Branded Application Development
  • Cloud Services Implementation
  • Database Creation
  • Networking
  • Server Installation
  • Website or Web Application Development
  • Manual or Automatic Client Configuration

Branded App Development
You have invested a great deal in your brand and we understand that.  Branded app development is a great way to strengthen your company's image and reinforce your brand.  We can create a preconfigured version of Scanalyzer tailored to meet your needs, brand it with your company name and logo, and submit it to Apple for distribution in the iTunes App Store.

Web Application Development
Rather than trying to pass an app through Apple's approval process, creating a web application offers instant and unfettered access to the mobile devices that drive today's economy; they also happen to integrate extremely well with Scanalyzer's In-App Browsing feature.  Let us help you create something amazing by integrating barcode scanning into your web application.