E d u c a t i o n

Floor Plan
Taking attendance doesn't get much easier than scanning a student ID and it doesn't get much more accurate than having a GPS and timestamp.

Need to document truancy?  Location of a fight?  How about quickly taking the names of witnesses?  With Scanalyzer it takes just seconds to pinpoint and record details of anything that takes place on your campus with GPS precision.  Identify hot spots on campus, trends in activity, and take action to make your school a safer place with Scanalyzer.

Improve speed and accuracy when entering data during registration, scheduling, and year round by sending scanned data from your device to your computer with Scanalyzer and our desktop client for Mac OSX and Windows.

Library and Asset Management
Quickly and easily scan books and other assets without the hassle of wires and document their location with GPS accuracy and a timestamp.  Need to expand your fleet of scanners for textbook checkout or returns?  Any iPhone or iPod touch can work with Scanalyzer to help you get things done on time.

Replace or compliment your existing scanners with Scanalyzer.

Many schools limit access to activities based on a set of criteria, but checking students against printed lists takes forever.  Why not use Scanalyzer to avoid those long lines, piles of paper, and last minute reports?  We can verify students in a fraction of the time.

Trouble at an activity?  You can document these events with precise time and GPS-based location data.

How does it work?

Scanalyzer integrates into your existing business and student information systems in several ways:
  1. Scanalyzer - Our free software to read barcodes can be used on your device or in conjunction with our free desktop client for Mac OSX or Windows in place of a USB or Keyboard Wedge Barcode Reader.  This means you can send data to your computer as if you had typed it in at the keyboard.

  2. Scanalyzer Pro - The beefed-up version of Scanalyzer that adds user configurable features such as automatically adding delimiters and metadata, and automatically following hyperlinks to internet or intranet websites.  This means you can send data to any website or cloud service, on your private network or on the public internet.

  3. Quick Configuration Codes - Allow fast and uniform configuration of both Scanalyzer and Scanalyzer Pro by scanning a special custom crafted barcode.
Turnkey solutions and packages are available if needed.