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What can Scanalyzer do for you?
Floor Plan

Fight Back
Tired of your brick and mortar retail store being turned into a gallery for window shopping online buyers?  Take back your customer base with Scanalyzer Retail Solutions.

How do we get started?
Begin by creating your own content for items in your inventory.  You can mix audio, video and web components as you see fit.  Then we will help you purchase a Quick Configuration Code to post for your visitors to scan on the way in.

Turnkey solutions and packages are available if needed.

How does it work?
Visitors scan the Quick Configuration Code at your entrance and then scan the code next to an item.  Your content is then displayed on their device.  It's that simple.

What can Scanalyzer do for us?
Scanalyzer does more than talk to your guests.  It can give you powerful data to tell you what's going on in real time.

We can show you where your guests are and what items are hot and which ones are not, improve traffic flow by encouraging guests to view less impacted areas of the store, move old inventory, even accept guest feedback.

You can provide customers with rewards or badges, support multilingual audiences, and much more.  It's all within your reach with Scanalyzer.

Building on this framework, every department from maintenance and asset management to accounting and security can benefit, improving every aspect of your business.

What does it cost?
Solutions begin at $499 for a one-year Quick Configuration Code you can integrate yourself and scale up to complete solutions that do not expire and are handled entirely by our staff.

Branded solutions and integration with existing apps available upon request for an additional fee.